Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Kid's Sports: How difficult should it be?

So I missed my son's soccer game today and I'm pretty pissed about it.  I thought I had our whole day planned out to a T.  Except when we got to my son's game we found out that it had just ended.  F&$*ing incredible.

Here is what happened: they have a rule that if the temps are below 40 they won't play (People up north are scoffing at this).  So an email went out saying that all the game times had been bumped back by 1 hour.  Cool.  Thanks for the update, right?  I went to the website to check what our game time was and added 1 hour.  Good to go!  Wrong.  They also updated website to reflect the time change.  So we were an hour late. 

Not only this little hiccup, but this entire organization feels like a giant thorn in my ass.  The registration process is online and overly complicated.  You first have to create a profile, add organizations, then circle back around to register... then provide birth certificates.  After you register, you wait, and wait, and wait until all of a sudden you get an email from your coach.  "Hi, I'm your coach. We need sizes so we can order jerseys asap. They will cost xx. First practice is NOW, and our first game is tomorrow!"  And BAM! Soccer season has begun!

But now we're at Mooyah (they have a great veggie burger), I have vented and I am feeling much better.

- Hugh Jass

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