I Love Camping

I really do love camping.  I love the way a camp fire smells and how much better a beer tastes when sitting around that fire.  I love the smell of rivers and lakes in the morning.  I love how friendly people are at campgrounds. Because at a campground everyone is white trash, living in trailers and tents with tarps strewn everywhere.  I even love when it rains on a camping trip.  The temperature goes down and the sound lulls you to sleep.

Every race is a tour of a new place on foot.  Right now I camp only 2 or 3 times a year which is not nearly enough, in my opinion.  Some day I would like to be able to  travel to races, finding a different campground in every part of the country.  But I have time for all that.  So far these are the places that I’ve been. 

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  1. Very well put. I also love it. It evens ppl out...not about who drives what car, but rather, hey, we have some meat on the grill, wanna join? I think it really brings ppl together.