WTF is a Tin Can Treader?!

It has come up a few times lately.  People have asked WTF is Tin Can Treader?  Here it is:

If you looked at my other tabs you already know that I love camping.  Right now we camp in a tent, but I have a mild (unhealthy) infatuation with vintage RV's.  There is a vintage RV club called the Tin Can Tourists and I basically just ripped off their name.  So that's it.  If you still give a shit, you can scroll down through some of my fantasies.  It's mostly pictures.

 I tried to talk my husband into letting us live in an Airstream, but it didn't fly.  **sigh** I want to be a gypsie.

So I tried to talk him into a Spartan, but still got a "no".

How about a Westcraft?

If I'm only going to be camping in a trailer then it may as well be a small one that I can pull with my Fit and save on gas.  Something like a Scotty.

Or maybe a Shasta?  But only with wings!

And someday I'm going to build myself one of these and travel to races across the country (dreams).

And that is what a Tin Can Treader is.