Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunshine, oh lovely sunshine

It could not be a more beautiful day in Charlotte North Carolina. The thermometer reads just below 75 and the kids are playing in the yard. I skipped my long run this weekend. The kids have been sick all week and I was feeling like it might be catching me too. So I took it easy all weekend, relaxing on the back porch and having a little wine. Today I went for a short 2 mile Vibram fun run. They felt really great today. The best run that I've had in them so far. Maybe next week I'll up the Vibram mileage by a 1/2 mile. I tend to stress out about my mileage even though I'm not currently training for anything. I do want to get faster before May, when training for Chicago will officially begin.

In other news, our new neighbors don't like that our dog gets out and roams around in the woods behind our houses. It makes their dogs bark (poodles) which upsets the girlfriend because "she had a bad experience with a dog" when she was younger. Ok. Fair enough. We've been getting away with it for 2 years, but I guess it had to end sometime. So I took Lucy (our dog) out on a leash yesterday and guess what? As soon as we were out into the yard their dogs started going nuts. I'm not a fan of frilly dogs. They generally suck. Overpriced, yappy dolls for the owner to decorate with bows. Anyway... maybe I'm just on the defensive but I think my dog isn't really the problem here. Our yards are very close together so whether or not our dog is in the woods or in our yard, their dogs will be going crazy. And just for the record, their dogs going crazy doesn't bother me at all.


  1. Thinking about Nike Free and then going to Vibram....

  2. I love my Free's. It will be a long time before I can fully transfer into Vibrams.

  3. Perhaps they need to teach their dogs not to bark unless something is in THEIR yard? I'm a firm believer that what you do on your property is your own business - after all, you're the one paying the mortgage, right?

    Just to be clear though, I am hating you and your weather right now. After a nice weekend in the 50's, it has fallen back into the 30's here.

  4. I'm sure this in only a spring teaser. This usually happens just before one more round of snow and ice.