Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where I've been... Mentally

I started this day in a bad mood. I had a bad run yesterday morning. My daughter drew on the window with crayon and put orange toothpaste all over her pillow. My son is sick and blowing snot all over the house. I hadn't heard any new news about my job prospects in Dallas, and did I already mention that my house is disaster area? So where have I been today? Mostly in my own head feeling sorry for myself and crying a little. Don't feel bad for me. It's almost time for my monthly gift and therefore all of these little issues have the emotional catastrophic equivalence of the Hindenburg.

So, short story long, I was so busy feeling sorry for myself that wasn't even in the mood to run. But I figured with all the things out of my control, this four mile run was at least something that was 100% up to me. And a great run it was! 10 minute miles with no walking on a 60 degree evening.

After I got back, I felt far less irritable and I got some news about the job. The house is still an issue for haz-mat, but that's ok.

Sorry for such a dull "Where I've Been", but... well, I haven't been anywhere lately. How about I add a fun picture? Well, I don't have any saved to this computer and I couldn't download one from too bad.


  1. Thanks. I really kicked into high gear at the end. I had that sexy running form going on.

  2. 1 little victory can make up for a whole day of little defeats.