Thursday, February 24, 2011

Work'n late but not for long

I don't have much to say today. I didn't get up early enough to run before my husband went to work. I won't get to run when he gets home, because that's when I go to work. Oh, well. I'm went into this week knowing that I wouldn't be doing much.

Good news: After today and tomorrow I'll be done with my retail job.
Bad news: I didn't get that job in Dallas that I had been waiting to hear about, thus I will have no job at all after tomorrow.
Good news: After finding out that I didn't get the job, I went on a resume rampage. I also made lots of phone calls, not really expecting much in return. But to my suprise, one place did call me back! It was an alternative energy company that I have had, and will have, my eye on.
Bad news: No, they are not hiring right now.
Good news: The guy that called me back actually runs their location in Dallas. He told me that although they are not hiring now, there is a possibility that a position would be coming up and went as far as to give me some tips on how to get into the business. I thought it was very nice considering he didn't really have to call me back at all.

Meanwhile, I'm anxious to see more from Adam (The first person whom I didn't know at all and didn't force to follow my blog!). He's going to post some stuff about fartleks, intervals, and all that other stuff that I'm not very familiar with. I'm excited to know more about those aspects of training. Training for Chicago doesn't officially start until May, but I would really like to work on my speed between now and then.

My husband and I always talk about how we can't wait to humiliate our children. I didn't know that he wanted to start right away.


  1. I was unaware that others were forced to follow. Is that how one gets followers on here? I'm catching on slow, but at least I'm catching on!

  2. Adam, I was a forced friend. I think she would have sliced my head off if I didn't. :)

  3. That man belongs back in Texas! Get your butts back ASAP!

  4. That boy has been embarrassing me for 29 years and 360 days. At least he doesn't have his fanny pack on!

  5. I sent you a message about to see if you were interested in being a nanny, did you get the note?

  6. I'll have you know Shanon, that I now have 3! people whom I do not know, whom follow my blog.