Friday, March 11, 2011

Confesional Friday; Opinionated me

I have to confess that I'm a little opinionated. My friend Shanon is one of those people who just doesn't share the same passions that I do and sometimes I find myself thinking "WTF?! How does she not think that's totally phenomenal?!"

Just the other day, I asked her if she wanted to run a warrior dash with me. To this she responded "Hell, no. I'm not paying that to run. That's expensive". I couldn't understand this mind set at all. First, I'm almost certain that $55 will be the least expensive race that I register for all year. And second, it's the Warrior Dash! It's people dressed up, beer, mud, fire, live music and an all around awesome time! But that's just my opinion and sometimes I have a hard time accepting that my opinion is not always shared by everyone else. On the flip side, Shanon is a member at her local gym, to which I respond "Hell no. I'm not paying monthly to work out. That's expensive". Shanon is far more mellow than I, thus, I'm sure she views treadmills, elliptical, and stationary bikes as calm, relaxing calorie burners. I, on the other hand, view these same items as monotonous torture machines.

Ultimately, we both work out because we like the way it makes us feel. I don't know about Shanon, but I can become a raging bitch if it's been too long since I got the endorphins pumping. We part ways when it comes to the preferred venue, and that's OK. She likes the stable reliability and amenities that a gym can offer. I like the constant change in scenery and connection with my environment and local community (I'm kind of a hippie) that being outdoors can offer.

Shanon and I may not ever be Best Running Buddies, but we're still concert buddies, gossip buddies, and somewhat drinking buddies (although we can't hang like we used to).

So it's ok Shan. You don't have to share my love of "competitive" running. It will just be one more thing that we bicker about in our old age. Other things Shanon and I disagree on would be hatchback cars, lady gaga, running skirts and sushi.

Are you opinionated like me? Do you have a best friend who is your total opposite? I think it makes things way more fun.


  1. This is just a great post! Amber and i are very opposite.. i care about things she could care less about and vice versa. i think that's what makes the relationship work!

  2. Okay, after your "my blog was inspired by you today" I was expecting a total bash on my gym membership :) but i should have known that would not be the case. I do agree we disagree on hatchback cars (the sunbird did that in for me), lady gaga (gross, thats not music), running skirts (please, running does not require a skirt and it just looks plain stupid), and sushi, (DISGUSTING, hey, but at least i tried it right?)...but we are still best of friends!!!! I think we compliment each other. We will totally be able to catch up on every topic and our love of drinking once you get home, which brad better not hold you hostage too much longer, im ready! It's almost summertime and I have a huge yard and porch for our kids to explore. Yes, I do have to admit, i did pay money for the turkeytrot one year, that is the only money i have forked over to run. Im not a big fan of outdoor running, I hate the way it feels on my body. I love my treadmill running, and i LOVE classes at the gym, it gives me my motivation to work out everyday. And yes, I feel I have to work out now, its a part of me! Kudos (sp?) to us for being our healthy selves...remember high school? you couldnt have made me ever want to work out on my own!!!!

  3. What I learned today...

    You're a raging bitch who likes fire and beer.

    Shannon is the calm, "normal" type who needs friends like you to liven up her life.

    Somehow y'all come together as bed buddies, or something like that.

    Great post. And bring on the fire and beer! I'm ready to get muddy!

  4. i am opinionated. and i like alot of the stuff that you like. i the warrior dash.

  5. Thanks Jackie! and thanks for fallowing!