Friday, April 22, 2011

How bad do you want it

How bad do I NEED it? I'm irritable, whiny, and wallowing in self pity, just in case you couldn't tell from my previous post.

I attribute all of this to my lack of physical activity. The extent of my recent exercise is carrying the kids to and from the car at the beginning and end of the day. I can feel myself getting slower by the passing minute. It has come to the point that I need to decide just how far I will go to get a run in.

Do I try to run on my lunch break at work and just come back all sweaty and stinky? I've almost settled on waking up at 4am to get a run in. That's not much earlier than when Angie gets up to meet Randee. But then the kids would be asleep all by themselves, so I would have to run back and forth in an area where the cabin could always be in view. Ugh, obstacles! But obstacles are all they are, and I simply need to find a way around them. Perhaps I should make a 1 hour sitting schedule with all of the grandparents and plan my runs for after work? I just hate to pick them up after being in daycare for nearly 12 hours, just to drop them off again with someone else. I really would prefer to do all the me stuff when the kids are unconscious. My dad has quite a bit of land behind his house, and if you run the fence line it equates to a little over 1 mile. Do you think it would be irresponsible to run the fence line before the kids wake up? It's basically the back yard... um, a really giant back yard. Or should I just go to work all smelly and nasty? And then scarf down lunch at my desk?

In other news... This is my dog Slim

He's a 12 year old greyhound and my baby before I had babies. Notice how his head is slightly lifted. He must have had a burst of energy at the time that this photo was taken. He lays around all day, not because he's old but because that's just what greyhounds do. But usually he's on his side with his legs straight out. My Dad called me today to tell me that he found Slim in the neighbors yard. I asked if the lady was mad that he got in her yard. He said no, she was just worried about him. She thought he had died.


  1. Alecia if you are running close to the cabin maybe get a baby monitor. I think they will be fine and you are close enough if they need you.

  2. Thanks Glo! Is ok if I call you "Glo"? Or is it special just for Angie ;)

  3. Yes you can call me Glo everyone does. LOL