Saturday, April 9, 2011

Steak and Dong

Week 1 of Karen's C25K completed yesterday! We are pressed for time on Thursday and Friday mornings so we opted for an after work workout. The place we ran yesterday has a small portion of trail with some small, but steep inclines and declines. I think it may have a bit soon for her to be trail running. She confessed that there was some pain being felt.

However all pain was gone when we got to Outback for steak and dong night. Steak and Dong is an exclusive gathering of women at Outback Steakhouse for the purpose of venting about the dongs in their life. This was my first time at steak and dong, an interview really. Erica, the acting president, suggested that initiation should include saying something inappropriate the next time that the waitress came to the table. This had already happened before Erica arrived, when I suggested that a seafood outing should be labeled "snatch and catch". The end result, is I passed and now know the secret steak and dong handshake.

Today has been a little less pleasant so far. This morning was pancakes with the kids, or "brats and jacks". In all honesty they were brats at breakfast. They were loud, wouldn't sit still, and kept opening those little jelly's. Then we went to the Green Market, the closest thing to Trader Joe's that Exists in Grayson County and Baden wouldn't quit screaming and crying. "Hode me, hode me!" is what he says every minute of every day! This was the second time that they have acted this way in that store and I'm thinking that maybe I can't go back there anymore. Then, just now, my 4 yr old daughter who knows damn well how to use the potty, crapped her pants at my mom's house. Ugh!!! This day had better improve!

I did clean my car though. That's one good thing for today. I think tomorrow I'll drop the kids off with my mom and run around Dennison. I need a good long run for my sanity.

Oh, and this is what I came home to last night. June bugs. I won't be leaving the porch light on anymore.

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  1. Holy crap that's a lot of bugs! So did you call Braden "Baden" on purpose because he was so bad? Or was this a typo? My babies are angels. Don't be saying bad things about them!