Friday, June 24, 2011

Just waiting for the weekend

I haven't done much except for a little bit of work today. I'm not sure if I should run, because I don't know if I'll be doing my long run tomorrow or Sunday.

Last nights Rolling P-Stone run was so much better than last week. I made sure to take it easy and pace myself so the hills didn't burn me at the end. I ran it in Vibrams this time too. The ball of my foot is a little bit bruised from landing in the crack of a sidewalk so Vibram runs will be limited for a while.

I stayed for two beers after the run this week instead of just one. I had a tall PBR and after I had finished it the conversation was flowing so well that I just had to stay for a second beer. This time I chose a Sweetwater Blue draft. This could be my new favorite beer. It was really smooth with a hint of blueberry, but not too sweet. Thank goodness they were out of Yuengling or I may never have tried it.

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