Monday, June 27, 2011

My Business Plan

Last week my bosses told me that they wanted me to put together a business plan. They gave me ideas and expectations and now it is up to me to lay out my plan for success. Since I relate everything in life to running, I immediately equated this to a training plan. I need a finish line and a way to get there.

When talking to my, sort of, mentor we discussed the tweeking and fine tuning that this business plan would require. My position is new, uncharted territory for the company so my plan of action will probably change over time.

I think my marathon training over the last two years has also been going through a lot tweeking. I'll say it's changed quite a bit since my last marathon where I, uh, well, maybe didn't train at all. I started off pretty well this time, but then there was that 2 month stint in Texas where I didn't do much of anything except eat shitty food that went straight to my mom gut. For my first marathon I used the Run/Walk plan from Marathoning For Mortals, and being that it was my first time, it worked really well. But now I want a little more out of training. I want to be a little faster. Just like with my work business plan, right now I want to sell stuff. Later, I will want to sell a little more.

My latest training tweek came from this months issue of Runners World. I could find it and give you more info, if I felt at all like getting up from this recliner... but I don't. This chick (I think) talks about putting more miles by basically doing two-a-days. Just like the boys in high school football. For instance, you currently run 5 miles every evening. Just add two miles to your day first thing in the morning. Then you get a daily total of 7 without killing yourself all at once. Since my speed has been sucking lately, I'm going to start waking up for an early 2 mile run. Hopefully I can increase my mileage and my speed. And if it doesn't work, well, I guess I'll have to do some more tweeking.


  1. But if our hypothetical 5 mile/day runner is having trouble recovering from 7 miles in 24 hours, how are they going to recover from 5 miles in 12 hours?

    Recovery is just as important as training.

  2. I will still have full recovery days, and my extra runs will only be around 2 miles. My speed increased a lot back when I was just doing short runs all the time. It's an experiment.

  3. I can't say anything bad about experimenting. You never learn anything new without trying new things.