Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thank you sir, may I have another

The Reedy Creek Trail run whipped my ass and made me it's bitch yesterday.

You have an option. You can do the 5.74 mile loop or the 3 mile loop. I decided, since I somewhat regularly run 5 or more miles, that I would hang with the big dogs and do the 5.74. There's this other older dude who does the long route. He doesn't even look like he's in that great of shape. But, holy shit, if he didn't take off and leave me in the dust straight out of the gate! I still thought there was no way he could maintain that pace. I thought I would end up passing him shortly and thinking "poor rookie. You didn't know any better".

Well, who's the jackass? I'm the jackass. That older guy doesn't do the entire 5.74, but he does do about an even 5 (there are so many trails you can really make any distance that you want) and he most certainly finished before I did. I decided about half way through that there was no way I was going to do the entire long loop and still get out of there before the park closed, so I cut over to pick up the 3 mile loop. I ended up getting a little lost and ending with somewhere around a 4 mile total, but still coming in WAY after the people who ran nearly 6 miles! Did I also mention that I tripped over a root and busted? The big dogs passed by me just as I was finishing. They were on their way out to do another 5.74!

I'm sore today.


  1. Not get out before the park closes? Sorry that made me chuckle. I ran a half trail marathon last year and tripped on stupid roots 7 times. I almost feel face first on a rock too! Great job!!

  2. You have to watch out for the old guys. They wake up early, they're retired so they've got lots of spare time, and with age comes patience - a perfect recipe for someone to reach their full potential in anything.

    You seem to fall a lot when running :-P

  3. @ Adam, I really DO fall a lot. I almost fell just walking on a trail the other day. And very true about the older crowd. It actually makes me excited. One day, I will be the older gal, and I can lower the self esteem of my own children :) I can't wait.

    @ Tri-Living, sounds like we are both very graceful, lol!

  4. In Raleigh we have the Reedy Creek Trail which is a greenway that comes very close to my house. I like to run it some, but it gets really hily and leads into Umstead state park which is crazy hilly. So I only run it when I'm already drunk. Glad you didn't make a complete ass of yourself!

  5. Hahaha! Maybe I should have gone to happy hour BEFORE my trail run.