Friday, August 12, 2011

Coming up short


I got up at 4:30 and was on the road by 5.  I ran strong the entire time at a slightly faster pace than the 16 miler two weeks ago.  I was feeling great about this run until I mapped it out on Daily mile.  It was only 15.4 miles!  WTF!  I guess this is why Garmins come in handy.

I had it all planned out ahead of time.  I would basically run the same route I used for the 16 miler and add two more while on the greenway.  About ten minutes into my run I decided to change things up a bit.  Under the original itinerary, I would hit Starbucks just after 5 miles.  I use this as a water stop and I thought it was pointless to refill so soon.  When I came to the stop light, instead of turning right toward Starbucks, I went left for what I thought was two miles.  It was really only about a mile and a half.  Then when I came to the greenway, which I would have used to add 3miles, it was covered in dirt and mud.  The greenway is really a flood plane and with all the rain we’ve been getting it washed a lot dirt up onto the pavement.  I decided not to use the greenway because my shoes are white and I just got them!   Instead, I would go past my house and down this other street that I thought would give me a total of 4 more miles.  Wrong.  Also, I hate passing the house.  It’s way too tempting to stop and go home.  And I don’t know what it is lately, but when I get to my street my stomach starts telling me to head for home, but this time I couldn’t!  I still had 4 (theoretical) miles left to run.  When I finally got home it was really bad.  I had locked the door before I left thinking that the fam would be up by the time I got back.  They weren’t.  I went nuts, ringing the door bell, and pounding on the door.  I seriously thought I was going to have to drop trou in my own shrubbery.  Thankfully my husband came down in the knick of time.  Thanks babe, for saving me from crapping my pants.  I appreciate it.

In closing, I must say that the Espresso Love Gu, and Mocha Cliff Shot are both very good, and my Minimus were comfortable the whole way.  And I didn’t crap my pants.

Tread it up


  1. ah man, i wish you would have crapped your add to the being crapped on. CHUCKLE CHUCKLE :)

  2. Great job...not crapping yourself....and on the run!

  3. There is nothing so creative as figuring out a safe place to take a dump while running. But almost in your own bushes? That would have been just awesome! And what a story to retell at holiday time.

    I have a pair of Minimus en route. I have run in the Merrel Trail Glove which shares a Vibram sole. But I wonder whether the 4 mm drop of the NB will be apparent. They both rate high on the "Cool Meter" in my opinion.

  4. Damn it Shanon, you're evil!

    Thanks Angie. It was hard work... not crapping myself.

    Chris, I don't notice the drop. They are cool, but I wish they weren't white.

  5. Great run!! No poo is good!

  6. Glad your husband got to the door in time!

    I use my garmin primarily to keep track of miles 'cause I never actually pay attention to where I'm going.

  7. I think I'll decline to tell any stories about pooping myself...