Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well, hello Mrs Draper


I think I accomplished quite a bit yesterday, in my opinion.  It started with a good day at work.  I got the opportunity to try on some of the apparel and of course more shoes.  I put on a few different styles in shorts and have come to the conclusion that I will never find a pair that don’t ride up on me.  Oh, well.  I like skirts better anyway.

When I got home my husband had taken back the playroom.  He took all the toys upstairs and brought the dining table in from the garage.  We have a dining room!  He also took the living room furniture out of the “playroom” and put it back in the living room.  I’ve been a little relaxed with my housekeeping, but it looks so fantastic now I have to keep it up.  Sometimes it helps me to dress the part.  So I strapped on my Mrs. Draper apron (I’ve been a little crazy about Mad Men lately) and got to work.

                                       mrs draper

I thought a sword was a reasonable tool.

I got it a farmers market a few months ago and it actually puts me in the mood to clean.  Kind of the way my new shoes and sweaty band put me in the mood to run.  Last night after putting the kids to bed I did a short 30 min run that included running up the same hill at the end of my street 5 times.  I felt like I might puke every time.  And to throw a little glitter on that workout, I think it was good that I pushed myself to the point of mild nausea.

Tread it up


  1. I don't know if Mrs. Draper really does any work though does she? She just kinda lolly gags around and smokes and look distressed. And see you helped put your kids to bed... Betty probably wouldn't have done that either.

    Woohoo for night running.

  2. That is true. I also don't drink scotch which is required to be a true mad man.