Tuesday, September 6, 2011

12, shoes, and Bras

The run
On Sunday I did the 12 mile long run meet up.  My run was fantastic as I held a 10:40 pace.  That's 20 seconds faster than I want to run Chicago.  Yay!  I shortened my stride and took more steps which I think helped.  It was much less exhausting to run that way.  As great as the run was, I don't think I'll be doing this meet up again.  A 10:40 was really good for me and everyone else at this meet up runs around a 9 min mile.  I run the whole thing alone, which is fine and nothing new.  By the time I get back to Starbucks, everyone is already deep in conversation and all the seats are taken around the two tables that they pushed together.  The camaraderie that I look for in group runs just doesn't exist for me in this one.  It's ok though.  I'm not pissed about it.  There are plenty of other meet up's out there and if this one were closer I might still consider it.  I don't need to drive 30 minutes to run by myself when I can just step out my front door.

My new shoes
I got a pair trail shoes from work on clearance.  They're the Saucony Xodous with a Vibram rubber sole.  Prior to this I did not own any trail shoes.  On the the clearance tables I only had two to chose from in my size.  A Brooks Cascadia and the Saucony.  I walked around with one on each foot for a few hours and after suffering some numbness in my toes on the Cascadia foot, I decided on the Xodous.  In Brooks defense, had there been a nine available, the numbness may not have occurred.  I'm happy with my purchase.  How can you not be for $25?
A tale of two bras
I saved the best for last.  My free Moving Comfort Juno bra finally came in.  I don't know if I told you, but being that I am one of only two girls at my store, they wanted me to have one of these bras so that I could know more about them.  So I got one for free!

I took this sexy lady out for first time on the 12 miler.  Probably not a sound decision.  First, I'll say, LOVE the color and LOVE how awesome my boobs look in it (that matters!).  It serves me right for building up the awesomeness of this bra in my head because this is what I got after 12 miles.
This is where the hook closure rubbed me on my back.
This is where the crazy stiff (and kind of sharp) straps rubbed my shoulder.
This is the little bitty solid piece of fabric that rubbed a spot in my cleavage. 
Which is really a shame because I just got this bra from Victoria Secret and my cleavage looks amazing. :(

I still haven't given up on Moving Comfort.  I tried on a different style a while back that was incredibly comfortable.  I'm putting this one through the wash a few times, maybe even the dryer, and I'm hoping it will loosen up the stiff fabric.  My boobs look so good in it!  I want it to work!


  1. Trail shoes have a nice layer in the midsole that makes you feel less rocks and roots underfoot. makes all the difference in the world. But it can also make them heavier, so if you're going over 10 miles on the trails use a lighter (non-trail) running shoe and stick to easier trails.

    Very cool finds all around! Congrats on the big dozen (that's not a boob reference).

  2. Thanks for the trail tips! I want to get back on the trails a little more after Chicago.

  3. I think you may have started a new trend here with the bra on the outside of the clothes. I think you can get to go mainstream!

    Although, I feel your pain. I've had clothes rub in areas they really shouldn't and it hurts like a B when you take a shower.

  4. Yes it does! Don't be surprised when you see Lindsy, Snook, or Brit with their bras on the outside. It all started right here.

  5. wow! Alecia has a NORMAL bra!!!! I'm so proud...after knowing you wore the maternity bra for so long...IM SO PROUD OF YOU :) and that looks like your shoulder hurts really bad...buy hey, at least it was free?? The most important thing is maybe you can just wear it around when not running, to keep the girls looking good.

  6. Shanon the VS bra was only $30 down from 50!

  7. Chafing is no fun! I can't believe it's that bad! But for free worth trying! I have been enjoying reading your blog lately :)

  8. I love moving comfort bras- but I did make a mistake of buying one with an underwire and then running 9.3mi in it- yep, big chafing burn after that. boo. I've since broken it in and we get along fine now. I *think* I have the Juno, or one similar to it as well...hmmm...maybe not...but I do love it too. I love the support, and the lack of uni-boob. :)

  9. Playtex wirefree bras are the best. It holds me in and lifts me up. It never lets me down. There's no muffin tops popping out of the middle here. Even at the end of the day, breasts still in place where they belong. No sagging or seeping out the sides. .