Monday, September 12, 2011

What I hated about my run today

  1. My tank top rubbed a small spot on both my arms.  Guess I need to rethink my race day outfit.
  2. Body Glide failed me during the last portion of my run so now my thighs match my arms.  WTF Body Glide?!  You have NEVER done this to me before.
  3. I thought my route would have been closer to 18 miles.  Wrong.  16.87.
  4. It was one of those days when I hated being alone.  F#$@ going solo.
  5. Why can't the sidewalk extend the full length of the street?  Why?
  6. GU tasted nasty today.  Vanilla, Espresso Love, and especially the Chocolate Cliff Shot.  Blec!
  7. My nemesia (that's plural for nemesis, right?), the two hills plus the steady incline all the way back home got me again.
  8. My feet hurt (that one is a little whiny).
The weather was great this morning and I did roll out of bed.  Count em.  1 & 2 on the positive board.

On the exciting side, my new book came in the mail today!  Matt Longs's, The Long Run.  Yay!  Let the inspiration begin!


  1. What no pictures of your injuries this time?

  2. I had issues with Body Glide on my run too! WTF Body Glide? And you just reminded me I need to get more of that.

  3. I really hate when you map out your run and you think you are going one distance, and you end up going less! Annoying! Body glide does seem to wear out a little on the longer runs :(

  4. I hate chafing. all the way around, it's just the worst. At least you don't have to deal with nipple chafing. arms hurt. thighs hurt. I get them both pretty regularly. But nothing compares to bleeding nipples. you have been warned.

  5. All that high-tech gadgetry, and your route mapping still failing you?...

  6. Body Glide has been failing me too!! What is going on with that? I had to wear tights under my shorts because I couldn't take any more inner thigh chafing...

  7. I had my first experience with bleeding nipples a week or so ago (not that I am bragging or anything). I have experienced chaffing but there must have been some combo of heat and sweat that polished them raw. The worst part was being far from home and needing to pull my shirt over my shoulders and running with a bare bod. Not so sure it was a great sight for the passing cars but none veered into the woods. Once back in civilization I pulled my shirt back on and happily the sweat had washed away the stains (and embar-ass-ment). Back to using band-aids and tape. If that dies not work I will look for a "man-sier" or the "bro."