Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where I've been

Not camping this time.  Just a great trail run at a small mountain just south of Charlotte.  Crowders Mountain State Park.

I didn't camp there or anything.  I just did a pretty awesome trail run there on Sunday.  It was only 1.7 miles one way, but it was extremely difficult.  It took me 33 minutes to get to the top where you enjoy some spectacular views.  It took so long because A) it's steep.  My calves were screaming the whole way. And B)   some parts of the trail are so cluttered with boulders that you have no choice but to walk/hop around them.  I had to planned to run up and then take pictures on the way down, but after taking pics at the top my camera died.  So this is all I got.

In this one can you see the Charlotte Skyline in the distance

It took 24 minutes to get back down the trail.  My ankles are still a little sore and my main focus throughout the entire run was to NOT bust my face on ground.  I also decided that the Saucony Xodus isn't really the trail shoe for me.  For $25 they are still an excellent bum around shoe, but I need something that puts me closer to the ground.  With every uneven step I felt my foot sliding off the side of the Saucony's.

Another fun "Where I've been" is at work!  Last night the New Balance rep came to talk to us about all the new versions of shoes that will be coming out in 2012.  Running Ramble might interested to know that there will be a new Zero Drop Minimus on the market!  I got to see one!  New Balance is working on making all of their support shoes a little more appealing visually.  They are also decreasing the size of the heel stack  on all shoes throughout their label, thus slightly decreasing the heel to toe drop on all of their shoes.

Yep.  I'm feeling like a VIP with all this info.

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