Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chicago while it's fresh

I just finished my third marathon a few hours ago!

We'll go ahead and get the down side out of the way.

  • I didn't hit my sub 5 hour goal.
  • The heat, my feet, and my hip were all taking me down at around mile 16.
Overall it was an awesome race for me!  I it in 5:07 and bested my previous PR by 10 minutes and I beat my dad's time by 6 minutes.  I'm sure he'll beat that at his next marathon in February but for now... I RULE!!!!!

Hugh Jass was a Hugh Jass hit!  In addition to my name "Hugh Jass" being on the front, I made a request on the back.
It's amazing to me how many people don't know what TWSS means!  People loved yelling for Hugh.  And bonus: One kid said it!  People yelling that name seriously got me through some tough miles.  I was purposely running on the edge close to the crowd so people would yell.  I only got about 5 jokes though.  Not nearly as successful as Hugh.  I used the left over letters from Angie's shirts.

I started losing steam around mile 16 and I thought mile 23 would never come.

After the race, Angie met up with Cely (we had all eaten breakfast together on Saturday morning.  I'll steal some of Angie's pics later).  Cely's boyfriend and Angie's husband struck up quite the bromance whilst chugging whiskey and scanning Chicago for their ladies. After I finished I did three things.  First, I got a free massage at the massage tent.  Then I got my free beer and people watched in the 312 after party area.  I love watching all the marathoners (including myself) walking in slow motion.  After that, I walked maybe two miles to a small beach near our hotel and used Lake Michigan as my personal cold plunge.  It was awesome.

I'll have more pics later when I steal them from Angie.  She's the master picture taker.
Hugh Jass


  1. I'm so proud of you! Love that HUGH JASS of yours!

  2. Great job...steal away on my pictures!

  3. Congrats on your PR! That's awesome! That race looked like so much fun. Maybe next year for me...

  4. Nice PR. The big question after something like that is, now what?

  5. Nice work Hugh Jass!! :) My friend ran that marathon too- I wonder if she saw you?? So impressed with 26.2- what's next, an Ironman?? :)

  6. That is awesome! Fantastic pic in lake michigan. My first marathon came in at 5:07, that's a good time! Congratulations girl.

  7. Thanks everyone! The memory of the last four miles is fading and I can now move on to the "what's next" phase.

  8. Great race! Just finishing I think is amazing!