Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My wild and crazy life

Get ready for your mind to be blown.

1st, I got a new vacuum.

2nd, I made red bean and quinoa burritos.
3rd, I made that pizza that uses navy beans, spinach and sun dried tomatoes.  You put the beans in the food processor with garlic and it basically replaces your sauce.  It's good, I swear!
Before the oven
After the oven
I really love this pizza.  It's garlicy and I the cheese goes well with the beans.  However, my husband does not like it.  I don't know why.  It must be because he hates all things healthy and good for you.


  1. I've been doing some healthier cooking of which my husband is also less than happy with. When, oh when, will they realize than we know what they should be eating?

  2. That pizza looks really good. I think sometimes sun dried tomatoes can be an acquired taste. I don't like them on everything. And yeah on the new vaccuum, I love new things like that, that are useful.

  3. That pizza sounds yummy! My husband probably wouldn't like it either- he calls broccoli tasteless bushes, so you can see what he might think of this pizza. I don't understand men- he can eat a whole package of oreos in one sitting and lose 5lbs, whereas I could eat a pound of broccoli and gain 5lbs. How does this work?!?