Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hal and Hugh might meet

I haven't worked out... at all.  Surprised?  Me neither.  Should I unravel my long list of excuses?  I could say, "Oh, it's because my husband is gone and I'm with the kids 24/7" but that's just bull shit.  If I really wanted to run, I could go back and forth down the street in front of the house after they go to bed at night.  I've done that plenty of times before.  Maybe I'll do that tonight. We'll see if I'm in the mood.

Guess who is going to be at the Run For Your Life location in South Park?  Hal Higdon!  He's doing a meet and great fallowed by a lecture and I'm pretty excited about it.  When I first mentioned to my cousin (and original marathon inspiration) that I wanted to do a marathon he immediately sent me to Hal's website.  I have to take the kids with me though and I hope that doesn't suck.

Maybe I should get out and run just so I'll have some more stuff to blog about.  The creative well is running dry over here.  Must be that Texas drought!  Right? Am I right?  Ugh.  Ok, I'm done now.

P.S.  Sometimes I spell fallowed with an "a" and sometime I spell followed with an "o" and spell check never underlines either of them.  Someone please explain this to me.  I have no idea which is the correct spelling of f#llow.

-Hugh Jass

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