Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Made in America!


Not for you though.  Sorry.

I did some hill repeats yesterday morning and then I worked ALL DAY.  From 10am to 7:30pm.  As a stay at home mom who only works part time, I get spoiled by little 4 hour shifts.  Working all day at the running store isn't that bad though.  I always have so much fun that the day flies by.  Had that 9 1/2 hour shift been at IKEA I  would have been completely miserable and morphed into a straight up bitch.  Funny story, I wasn't suppose to come into work until 3.  I showed up at 10 thinking I was working another 10-2 and nobody said anything to me!  I didn't even realize my mistake until noon.

Even with the long shift, yesterday was awesome!  Why?  Because I got a bunch of free stuff!

We just finished our big event of the year, Charlotte's Thunder Road marathon.  The nuun and Hammer bottles are left over freebies from the Expo.  The bananas and granola bars are left over from the finish line (and there are sooo may more still at the store!).  I got a free pair of Thorlo's to try out and tell our buyer what I think and that "Endurance" head band was given to our buyer at the Expo by the lady that makes them.  She gave us a hand full, again, to try out.

Bonus:  Thorlo socks are made right here in the US of A!  Even better, they are made about 40 minutes away from me in Statesville North Carolina!  To quote their website, "Thorlo's are made in Statesville North Carolina and will always be made in Statesville North Carolina." - Jim Thorlo.

I haven't run in them yet, but I've been walking around in them this morning and I do like the way they feel.  They are thin and tight around the upper and mid foot but  are thick and padded on the heel and ball of your foot.  On my left foot, I'm feeling the difference in fabric thickness (it feels like it got bunched up or something) but I don't feel that at all on my right foot.  Weird.  I'll report back after I've taken them out for a run.  **Update.  I stopped fidgeting with the left sock and just let my foot settle into it.  No more "bunching" feeling**

These socks excite me because they are only the second athletic item that I have found that is made in America.  I think I'll be getting everyone a pair for Christmas.

-Hugh Jass


  1. I love thorlos...I usually don't buy them though because they are expensive! But they are super padded and I think you will like running in them. Free stuff is always nice :)

  2. ah my weekend shifts at the running store in Houston go by fast only part of the time! This weekend should FLY by since its a crazy weekend since we put on the huge Turkey Trot. Crazy people coming in to pick up and sign up! And yes the free stuff is always great!

    A friend of mine just did the half at Thunder Road!

  3. I wear Thorlo's and majorly love them. Gotta take care of your feet, ya know. Yippee for free stuff. Donuts are the only free things at my job.*

  4. @ Rain, no they aren't cheap, but I might buy 1 or two more pair and if they have longevity it could be worth it.

  5. Yes Thorlo's are fantastic. We have a family member who works at the plant, so I end up getting lots of thorlos for christmas every year. Great socks, enjoy them!

  6. Everyone? Ok, where do I leave my address? Ha ha.

    Seriously though, they look like some awesome socks! And free is my favorite price.

  7. @John, I want to be related to your relative!

    @Vivtoria, I did say everyone didn't I?