Monday, January 2, 2012

Boobie Pads

This post will be random with no specific purpose.

This weekend's race series was pretty cool.  I wasn't sure how it would be since it's in a suburban park, but it turned out really cool.  And since everyone is doing the same laps (Half = 2 laps, Full = 4) your fellow racers become your crowd support.  This one Forest Gump looking guy lapped me and finished his half marathon before I finished the first lap of mine.  Ha!  I wondered how organized a race on a public jogging path could possibly be, but they did a damn good job.  They had a rule that you could run no more than two abreast (insert Beavis laugh).  That worked out pretty well.  You could pass people but you and your 5 friends couldn't hang out side by side.  Since I was Run/Walking, I hopped off the path into the grass on my walk intervals.  There were some run/walking pairs of people who weren't doing that and I thought it was incredibly rude.  They were blocking everyone with a wall of ass.  The swag was pretty cool.  I got two shirts, one short sleeve, one long sleeve, and the medals are pretty cool too.  The "Yin Yang" pieces are what you get when you cross the finish line, and if you did two races that weekend you get the magnetic backing piece that turns it into one giant medal.

Next item of business... I'm pregnant.  Not "preggers", not "preggo", just good old fashioned pregnant with a human child.  This fact had NOTHING to do with my crappy performance at the New Years Double.  Not training, and then getting sick right before the race had EVERYTHING to do with my crappy performance.  My mother decided to go ahead blast my news on facebook, but only on the posts where I talked about running.  So now I can't talk about running on facebook without getting at least one comment saying "I think you should just take it easy".  Here's the deal:  If you're not already a runner and you get pregnant, it's probably not a great time to start.  If you're already a runner and everything feels fine, then keep doing what you're doing.   My first two pregnancies were the kind that make all other mothers hate me and this one seems to be going the same way.  Some heart burn and very mild nausea are the worst things I've had to endure.  Not like most women who puke for 9 months.  So I'm going to keep running for as long as it feels comfortable and that's just how it's going be.

In a sort of related note, I have a brilliant tip for all of you.  My knees were just as sore this weekend as if I had run a full marathon so the ice packs have been getting plenty of use.  I've found that the absolute best ice packs for my knees are the boob pads I used when I was breastfeeding 3 years ago.

Fold them and use them on the backs of your knees. Again, Brilliant!
For the ladies reading who don't have children, it's not as awesome as you would think when your boobs grow 3 times their normal size over night.

-Hugh Jass

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