Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween and stuff

We had a pretty good Halloween.  Our theme was Dia De Los Muertos and one Spiderman.  I found out that I LOVE FACE PAINT!  I may find a way to incorporate it every year.  I also found out that the stuff in the temporary Halloween stores labeled "professional" face paint is crap.  It was hard to spread and we ended up with a horrible caked on look.  Go for the Snazaroo paint.  It's available year round at Michael's and worked the best by far.

We went to a really fun party on Saturday night.  They had a hay ride, bon fire, and a bounce house for the kids.  Then yesterday, we went trick or treating on the square here in town.  It was mostly publicity for all the businesses which I am a big fan of.  Then we went to Aubrey to do their little down town trick or treat event.  I'll just give you the rest in photo form.

Sat. night

Sat. Night

Wed.  I did my own makeup this time and liked it better than Saturday's version.

Wed.  A little brighter than Saturday since you're not allowed to be scary at school.

Oliver is supposed to be Eddie Munster-ish.

Trick or treating on the square with the neighbor kids.

His face paint lasted about 10 minutes.
We also went to the Celina Balloon Festival on Saturday.  Talk about impressed.  They had good rides (which we didn't do much of $$$$), good food (which we didn't eat much of $$$$$) but those weren't even the best parts.  We got to see a remote control air show.  Like with those giant remote controlled airplanes that you swear your kid could fit in and fly.  Then they shot some model rockets, AND THEN skydive Dallas dropped eight skydivers down onto the festival.  So cool!!!!  They each came down differently, some fast, some slow, some with smoke streams, some doing tricks.... If you're in the Dallas area, I highly recommend putting this on your calendar next year.

I've been running more.  I met up with the FRC a couple of times for some speed workouts, and I've gone to a few more boot camps, but my groupon for that is almost expired.  My dad ran a sub 2 half (Ugh!  He keeps getting faster and I'm starting over!) at the Chosen Marathon in New Braunsfels.  I'll do a post about that later.  It sounded pretty cool and I think I'm making it a point to run it next year.  Spoiler:  there are campgrounds and B&B's along the course and walking distance to the start/finish!!!!

Also, here is the only picture I got from our Jack O Lantern Jog.

And since my good friend Shanon HATES all those daily thankful posts on facebook so I'll be using my blog to do a daily "Why I'm thankful for Shanon" post.  It's time to dig up some really old pics!!!!  Heather, I'll need your help.

-Hugh Jass

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  1. I love the paint and I love the theme...I think the second one with the green flower dress looks AMAZING!
    Nice job!
    (I am never that creative!)