Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chosen, Meat, and a break through run

It's true!  I finally had a really good long-ish run.  It was only 5.2 miles and it took me an hour, but I did it and it felt good.  Part of the reason it took so long was the alternate route I traveled back into town.  They hwy is under construction and I'm training for a trail run anyway, so I went the way of the hobo.

The only time I got on the tracks was to cross this little stream.  I checked for an oncoming train at least 6 times and the bridge is really short, but even then I felt like I was entering a "Stand By Me" situation.  Train tracks creep me out, but it was exciting.

Also over the weekend I went on a very short, very slow run with the kids on their bikes.  They're getting better at it.  If I keep working with them, they'll be able to ride along with me which will make getting a run in much easier.  But I need to be persistent and patient with their current sluggishness and lack of stamina.

I've been a bad vegan.  During the week is a vegan cake walk, but the weekends are difficult.  We want to go out to eat but there is NOTHING healthy in town.  At Papa Gallios, I think "Oh, I'll just get a salad." but it's a taco salad with concession stand "queso" all over the top.  Blech!  I have been better than usual though.  At Benihana last Friday, Brad and I split a vegetable stir fry and some sushi.  The sushi wasn't vegan, of course, but who can pass up eel and tuna?  I was really good when my brother came over and ordered pizza.  Instead of having his, I decided to make my own.  This one was so easy.  Just look at mine vs his.  Mine was sooooo much better.  And that's soy cheese folks.

I already know what marathon I want to do this year.  That "Chosen" marathon that my dad did this past October.  He only did the half, but I want to do the full.  He was suppose to send me some pictures and tell me more about it so I could give a little review for you guys, but he hasn't done that yet.  He liked it a lot and wants to do it again, so that says something.

I like that the course is along the Guadalupe river and past campgrounds and B&B's.  Fun Fact:  The Guadalupe is where Texans go in the summer time to float and get really drunk.  So weird, I could end up puking in this river twice!

Not only is the course really cool, but the cause is pretty awesome too.  The race obviously raises money and awareness for adoption, but I'm not exactly sure how the money helps.  Like if it supports orphanages or if it assists families financially through the adoption process since it is so expensive.  There is a lot of information on the website and I haven't gone through all of it.
Update:  I found info on the website, here is what it said

In 2010, 1200 runners gathered in the First Ever Marathon in New Braunfels, TX to run for adoptive families and orphans around the world.  We had 22 teams run for more than 50 children who have or are coming home. We were able to provide winter clothing for an entire orphanage in Zhythomar, Ukraine   We will continually update this our map to represent lives of children being impacted around the world! In 2011, we had 56 teams run for more children to come into families, and we helped to improve the living conditions of orphans in Burundi, Haiti & Costa Rica through building projects for new homes & schools.
This year, 2012, we will be helping with projects in Burundi, Kenya & Zambia and expect many families lives to be changed!

My step sister adopted their daughter from Viet Nam in 2007.  She is a dark brown Asian girl in a family of pale blonds, but after spending any kind of time with them you become completely blind to how different they look.  Sisters are playing and bickering with one another.  Parents are keeping the kids in line.  It's so... normal.  It has been very cool to get to see this unique family come together.

2013 is starting off slow but strong.  That's ok because we all know what happens when we take the first mile too fast.

-Hugh Jass


  1. When I was in my twentys I ran many miles on a railroad track, actually on the ties. Someone told me that was not a good idea for my knees. But it was so peaceful in an urban area. Now I have issues with my knees but I do not associate that issue with those runs. More me being too fat for so many years afterwards.

  2. https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10151253405101989
    Link to 2012 video of Chosen Marathon.

  3. I'm allowing sushi because it's still raw. and anything raw can't be bad for you. I had some the other day as well on a work lunch.