Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cross Timbers com's up!

I have my first long race since baby coming up this weekend!  Am I prepared?  Meh, sort of.  I went with my folks on Sunday to scope out the campground and trail.  I'm excited!  But this isn't mile 10 and my thighs aren't on fire, so we'll see what I think about all of it then.

My birthday was on the 2nd.  I predict that we will have a short winter.  And since I live in Texas, I am already right.  I went out to eat lunch with friends and our families, then my girls and I split off and went to a Rock climbing gym.  It's in the historic downtown of Carrollton, TX (one of the many, many Dallas suburbs) and it's actually inside the old grain silos.  North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center, for anyone in the Dallas area.  Talk about a workout!  My forearms were on fire and really sore the next day.  I thought I would be better at it, that it wouldn't be that hard.  I am an idiot.  But I absolutely LOVED it.  The things that make it really hard are 1) Grips (the technical term, I'm sure) that you can only fit one or two fingers in and that's all you have to hold up your whole body.  2) No grips that you can wrap your fingers or hands around at all! 3) Being too short and the grips being really far apart and having to make a tiny leap to get your talons into that tiny grip that only accommodate two fingers!
$15 for a day pass and that includes your harness and shoes.

Small practice wall

Keisha going up

No.  I did not make it to the top.  Not even close.

This was suppose to be a green (just like ski slopes) but neither of us could go more than 10' up it.

After that we went to the hotel we had booked with my husbands travel points.  From there we went to an awesome dinner, then drinks, then more drinks, then back to the hotel for more drinks, then 3 am pizza delivery, more drinks, then bed.  It was an excellent 30th birthday.

Wish me luck in the half marathon!

-Hugh Jass

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  1. Good luck in the half! Rock climbing is a huge upper body workout that can be a blast when it's done safely indoors. have fun!