Friday, January 28, 2011

Confesional Friday

Welcome to another installment of confessional Friday! I was much better this week than last. I did skip my run yesterday, but I feel that I had good reason. After 3 previous runs in the cold I was feeling a tad under the weather. I was just a little snotty and sneezy so instead of toughing it out and making it any worse, I took the night off. I did well with my diet this week. I figured up the calories for all of the things that I eat the most. My "chicks and sticks" (soft boiled egg with toast cut into strips) is 300. My only dietary slip up was last night which conveniently coincided with my skipped run. We went to an amazing little family owned Italian place and I stuffed my face with cheese and chicken filled jumbo shells. I feel slightly guilty, but it was worth it. I'll definitely be getting my run in tonight. I just hope my husband gets off work at a decent hour so I don't have to run really late tonight. I think I'll try to get in 10 miler sometime this weekend. I'll need it since I'll be cheating on my diet again tomorrow when I meet Heather for lunch in Greenville. She's a Texas friend (and mother runner, and Tom Beaner) who will be in the area for the weekend so we're meeting up.

I was a little lazy this week, but not as bad as last week. So by my calculations, this time next year, I won't be lazy at all.

What did you do or not do this week? It's time to fess up!

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