Monday, January 31, 2011

I Suck.

I ended up not running this weekend either. Big surprise huh? I've been in a pretty bad transitional funk lately. There is a slight possibility that I could be moving back to Texas in the near future, thus causing me to mentally check out. I don't want to clean a house that I might be leaving. I don't want to get into any routines that will only be disrupted. I'm ready to be headed down the next path. I've been running alone for so long that I have day dreams about all the new running buddies I will have. My dad and step siblings while I stay in my Dad's spare room. I'll hook up with the Bitchy Runners and Heather on the weekends. And Lindee, don't think I haven't noticed all the miles you've been logging in Celina.

This isn't the first time that this has happened to me. As soon as we found out that we would be moving to Charlotte, I mentally checked out of Texas. After we got settled into our crappy townhouse in Charlotte, I became June Frigg'n Cleaver. I was up early every morning to walk the dogs, make breakfast for the family and basically get a head start on the day. I was pregnant then so I wasn't getting up early for runs.

I NEED HELP!!! Give me some advice. Be mean, it's ok.

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