Monday, January 24, 2011


My little brother came to visit me this weekend! It was great being able to hang out with him after more than two years of communicating via Skype. We didn't do much. He has been living in China so we just sat around and brought him back up to speed on the last 5 seasons of the The Office. As much as I hated to (not really) I extended my slacker sabbatical through the weekend. I also called into work today and I don't feel guilty about it at all. Luckily none of the three people who follow my blog work with me. My husband and I have been working exact opposite shifts for the better part of a month and there are things at home that need to be discussed, decided, and done. Something always has to give and running usually takes the hit.

However I will be picking the pace back up starting today. I need the mind clearing therapy that running offers. Just me, Lady Gaga and the pavement. The goal will be 10 hill repeats.

And now for you listening pleasure, this is my little bro. A native of Tom Bean Tx, and now a resident in Benxii China, fluent in Mandarin.

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