Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tell Tale Terror Ball


The sun has gone down, it is late in the eve
Abdominals whisper of what they do need.

In the shadows of a corner I spy my transgressor
A spherical sapphire fabricated from rubber.

Against my own wishes I climb upon the beast
Grappling for traction with the toes on my feet.

In a moment, a flash, life before my eyes!
No time for salvation or hear my cries!

From the beast I was thrown, straight back to the floor
Pinned and motionless, between ball and door.

At last! My knight in armor did come!
He shown "L" on forehead with finger and thumb.

This is the tale of forlorn and a triumphant fight.
Well, it's better than "Hey, I fell off my yoga ball last night."

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