Thursday, January 20, 2011

Run Sexy

Last night I only ran two miles but it wore me out. I've been very lazy for the past two weeks but that isn't what made this run so tiring. I went to see Hood To Coast on Tuesday and it was amazing! If Spirit of the Marathon motivates you, then you will definitely enjoy this movie. Anyway, in Hood to Coast, the Dead Jocks are in their van riding to the next hand off when they pass a girl who has the sexiest running form that I have ever seen. They pull off the road just ahead of her and form a small man tunnel for her to run through, obviously appreciating her style. Her legs moved like one of those spinning flamingo yard ornaments (perhaps you've never seen one of these if you happen to be from a more civilized part of the world). Her knees were up, her head seemed to remain at a constant level, and from the back you saw the entire souls of her shoes alternating back and forth. Her back was slightly arched and her arms pumping in perfect opposition to her legs. She was a bad ass and she made it look so easy! Unfortunately for me this isn't as easy as it looks. I would keep it up for a minute or just a little under, and then I was done. I would walk for another minute and then pick up the pace again. There were two times when I actually thought I might puke! Apparently I need to do this more often.

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