Friday, February 11, 2011

Confesional Friday

It's Friday! I don't know why I use and exclamation point for that. Fridays don't really mean much to me. I'm working all weekend.

This week I have two confessions. 1st, on Thursday, I ate an entire medium pizza by myself. Will power? I wouldn't know what that is.

2nd, I confess that I am now a part of the barefoot revolution. Revolution might be a bit dramatic, but you have to admit that it is a growing culture. I purchased my Vibram Sprints at Sun & Ski Sports last night. I know, I know, most people think that the minimalist shoe is just a recent trend that will soon fade out, but the Nike Free's have really changed my running style for the better. I no longer land on my heel which has eliminated the knee pain that would always plague me after long runs. So why not take it a little further? I won't say that it comes at no cost. Whatever the muscles are below my calf and all around ankles are continually sore. I never used these muscles with my previous heel strike.

Anyway, my first run in Vibrams was short, but it went really well. It didn't feel that much different from the Free's. It takes me a little while to put these shoes on, but I'm getting better at it every time. The Vibrams won't be going on any long runs for a while, but I feel that they have a bright future with me.

What do you have to confess this week?

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