Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Best Husband Ever!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have an awesome husband! He signed me up for Chicago on my birthday and for valentines he got me a netbook with all the specs that I had been researching for the past two years.

Sometimes I see other women on the Run Like A Mother page asking for advice on how to get their husbands to be more supportive of their running. One even said that her husband refused to wake up and take their kids to support her as she took on her first marathon. I know that I'm incredibly lucky because I can't even fathom such a situation. At my first marathon, my husband had both of our kids in the double jogging stroller on a 35 degree morning. He trotted all over uptown Charlotte, attempting to meet me at every possible mile marker. When some of our friends came out, later in the race, my husband left the kids and jogged part of the last mile with me. I know I married the right person because there is no way that any other man would have supported such things as cloth diapers, home made cleaners, or a home free of paper towels.

So Happy 30th babe! Thank you for all the love and support in all my crazy ventures. Someday soon I'll give you your turn.


  1. Very nice! Happy Birthday to my little brother!

  2. You are super lucky to have a supportive hubby. I have a good one, too. :)