Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clean house, good kids, good run

Today has been exceptional. I managed to keep the house clean all day and the kids voluntarily put themselves down for a nap. Fantastic!

On the running side of things, I went for a 4 mile run today at a slow pace. I added one more mile to my vibrams and they still felt really good. On the down side, I forgot to apply body glide and am now paying for it.

In other news, I think I want to do the warrior dash in Dallas, but I'm still waiting on my sister in law to email me back on whether or not she has signed up and which day she signed up for. Holla back Angie! Also, my dad emailed me and asked if I wanted to do the Rock n Roll half in Dallas. I told him that I would if he paid for it. I know that's cheap, but well, I'm cheap. We'll see what comes of it.


  1. You should totally do the Warrior Dash. They are so much fun!

  2. I wouldn't think you'd need body glide on a 4 mile run!

    I'm doing the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll half this year. It's the only common distance I haven't raced.

  3. I need body glide on EVERY run.

  4. The 24 hour ultra is around a track. Which makes me straight up crazy, for sure.

    I have a running app on my phone, but I prefer mapping out the distance online later, and just running for the hell of it. I've actually enjoyed runs more since my ipod broke, which is probably why it's been broken for 6 months without me trying to get it fixed. Whoops.