Friday, March 4, 2011

Confesional Friday

It's Friday and the first official day of a big sales event at my husbands job. Booooo! This means that long hours are in store for my husband and it is likely that this will encroach on my running time. Maybe not, but probably.

My diet was terrible this week. It included birthday cake, and beer, and pork tacos, and chicken with dumplings. None of it was healthy, but it was all delicious. I'm hoping to get in a longer run today. We'll see. It depends on when hubby gets home to take over kid duty. He's been at work since around 6 this morning so I feel bad running out the door as soon as he gets here.

My new computer crapped out today. I have no idea what happened. It just suddenly started saying "hard disk failed". I haven't even downloaded anything to it (I take that back. I downloaded firefox, chrome, free avg, spibot, adaware and itunes)! WTF?! It was working fine, then I shut it down, took a bath, came back, and "hard disk failure".

What was your week like? Any tech advice for me? Am I screwed? Does this computer just suck or something? It's an HP mini. That's reputable right?


  1. It's official. No run today.

  2. its either the cable to the drive or the drive itself, when you boot up the system how far does it go before you get the failure message?do you pass the the windows logo? the drive making any noise when you start the computer, check the cable and make sure it is securly attached as well

  3. How would I know where the cable is?

  4. My dad had the same thing happen to his new HP. He had to get a new hard drive. Is it still under warranty?

  5. It is still under warranty, thank goodness. I also purchased the extended warranty. I really expected that if something were to happen, it would have been because of my kids.