Friday, March 25, 2011

Confessonal Friday

I'm Back!!! My husband sent my computer to me from Charlotte and it arrived yesterday. I still haven't been able to get online much though. The connection at my Dad's place doesn't reach all the way out to my "bungalo".

My confessions? Well, my diet has been crap lately. Eating out constantly and it's never healthy. I also haven't been running much. I'm still getting familiar with my new lifestyle and schedule so running has been temporarily placed on a back burner.

In other news, it is officially official that I am registered for the Rock and Roll Dallas half marathon! My race number is 8859. I can't wait to show my Dad who's really the faster Bailey.

That's all for now. I'm at Shanon's house and I'm supposed to be visiting but I'm actually stealling her internet.


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  2. WOW, the only mention that I get is the guy that sent you your laptop????LAME!

  3. Sorry babe. I was writing this one in a hurry.