Monday, March 28, 2011

Rock and Roll Dallas, in a nutshell

I just had my best race ever!

1st, it was cool that I got to run with my dad. 2nd, it was unexpected that keeping up with my dad would be challenging and eventually push me to a personal best.

The course was flat which was nice, and it's the first time that I have ever run a race that had a separate start and finish. We began in downtown and ended in fair park around the Starplex (or whatever it's called these days) and the ferris wheel.

Typically my goal in a race is to remain constant and comfortable. It became immediately apparent that this race would be different. As soon as our wave let out, my dad took off like lightning. I was momentarily trapped behind four people, bobbing and weaving to catch up. We finished our first mile in 9 minutes. I said "I think we're going too fast. That was a 9 min mile." to which he responded "That's good!"

We maintained a pretty consistent 10 min p/m pace until around mile 7 when we lost a little steam. But we sure as hell made up for that in miles 10,11, and 12.

We took our last walking break at the drink stop at 11 and at mile 12 dad says "lets for 2:10!" and took off again! I really don't know how he was doing it. My inflated ego wouldn't admit to it during the race but I was struggling to keep up. However my inflated ego is the only thing that prevented me from being left in his dust. I gave it all I had in that last mile and just as we crossed the finish line, I thought that all I had was going to come up and out all over the finish corral. I really felt I might hurl.

But we ended up with a 2:11:39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be any more proud of that time!!!

Thanks Dad for a fun race!!!

Angie also ran fantastically well. Angie came in at 2:16 and while I do not what Doug's time was, I do know that he finished strong, throwing punches as he crossed the finish line.


  1. Proud of you and your Dad! That's awesome....but I never pegged you for a running skirt type of girl :)

  2. I think you should give your self more credit, I bet your dad had some pride pushing him as fast as he was going. you know, can't let my daughter show me up kinda thoughts.