Tuesday, April 12, 2011

arm pull

My sister in law is celebrity today! The Bitchy Runners were featured on Skinny Runner's cat lady segment. I mean, it's no Tin Can Treader plug, but it'll do I guess.

I'm finally re entering the blogesphere on a somewhat regular basis. I don't have internet in the chateaus (tiny cabin) so my method of keeping up with all my favorite blogs is to pull up all your pages while still in range and then read while i'm in bed. So I don't get to comment much, and that stinks because I love throwing my 2 cents all around the internet.

I've been reading about a lot of bare footers here lately. I ran 1 1/2 miles in mine this morning for the start of week 2 C25K(aren). Yeah, I just made that up all by myself.

Well, computer time is over now. Got a kid yelling at me to hold him. Now he's pulling on my arm.....

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