Friday, April 15, 2011

Semi-famous guest spot

Hi all, Karen here of C25K(aren). Yep that's me, I'm kind of a big deal since being mentioned in this amazing blog several times. Sergeant Taylor whipped my butt for one whole week.... and then well, life interrupted. But, I'm sure that next week we will right back on track. I am a first time runner who hasn't really found my stride and it's a little embarassing. I've got the "shin splints" (I think that's what the young people are calling them) which make my attempts to run very slow and painful. It's a little hard running next to a gazelle like Sargeant Taylor, especially when I sound like a herd of elephants. But in order to make me feel a little better about myself she wears things like leopard running skirts. It takes the attention away from my awkardness and totally puts the attention on her... strangeness. And if it's not the skirt then it's probably those weird "toe" shoes she wears. Can't wait till next week when I am back on track and hopefully in less pain. I need Mrs. Taylor to push me. She's a great inspiration with just the hint of bitch that I need. Would you believe she actually hit me this week? Yeah I know, I ran faster though. So if anyone needs a trainer just give her a call. She is the wind beneath my wings.


  1. Do I hear complaining, Link?!!!!

  2. Trainer? I need one. As soon as my dumb legs heal LOL!

  3. I cant wait for the day when I get to run along side of her while wearing a leopard skirt and those weird toe shoes...CANT WAIT :)