Monday, April 18, 2011

Warrior Dash in a nutshell

This past weekend was warrior dash... and it was awesome!

It was, by far, the funnest race that I have ever run. The obstacles were impressive. There were a few where I thought to myself, "whoa, this is actually pretty dangerous." For instance, the junk cars seemed a bit treacherous. Also, there was a straight wall, about 15' high, that you had to climb up with a rope and then back down the other side by the open studs.

I decided to wear a Goodwill prom dress. I found a guy with a suit that could be my date. And his tie matched my dress!

Angie went military style in her camo shorts and my husband went redneck in hunting camo. We also had a few more Bitchy Runners with us, Brittany and Talia.
I talked my husband into to running this race. Leading up to the weekend he was constantly bitching about how much stuff we had going on "and then we have to run that Warrior Dash" he would say. Surprise, Surprise, he ended up loving it and even thanking me for making him do it. Hmmm. Who is always right?

Check me out gett'n some mad air in my prom dress. I tried to make this the picture my header but I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Brad actually did pretty well. He did say at one point, while heaving and hoeing, "I didn't think there would be this much running". But he flew over the obstacles so fast that he was able to get a good walking break after each one while the rest of us caught up.

Here we are hand in hand leaping over the flames of love. He now regrets offering to hold my hand since I keep calling it that.

Bitchy Angie and Little Brother Brad making their parents proud. Cute kids, aren't they?I think this may have been Angie's favorite race yet.She has a really great obstacle by obstacle recap here. I'm sore today, mostly in my back and shoulders. You know, all those climbing muscles. It was hard to just chill out and stay with my group vs giving it all I had and seeing what kind of a time I could get. I think every runner should have at least one mud run on their list. I'm already thinking of a costume for my next one.

I can't wait to chill out and get muddy again next year!


  1. I am sooper gay for that race 4 sure!

  2. I have read this post, and we rocked that race fo sho!!!

  3. i saw your pictures on facebook the other day and was talking about it at work yesterday! you are just so awesome! inspiring to say the least

  4. This is the real Angie...not the Doug hacked my computer Angie....and the race was Awesome! I'm all in for next year!