Thursday, April 28, 2011


I didn't run yesterday or today, but that's ok. It is just what my calves wanted anyway. I was walking funny all day at work yesterday.

Today is all about trying to get the chateau cleaned up before the weekend when I won't have any time. My baby girl turns 4 this Sunday. It doesn't feel like it has been that long.

Also, I'm going to load up my kids + Angie's and we're going to be doing a little crowd control at the Heels and Hill half marathon. Trent and Audrie haven't agreed to go with me, but I bet I can make Angie ground them ahead of time, leaving them no choice.

Work hasn't been much fun this week. We have some up tight folks who keep telling us to be quiet. I think they have sand in their vagina's.

I already have some great sign ideas for Heels and Hills.


  1. Alecia I am going to be at the half way point and finish line. I will look for you I am leaving my house at 7:30. (If it is not raining)

  2. Lisa's birthday is sunday

  3. Now how did those ladies get sand in their vaginas? Your welcome to grab my kids. However, I'll give you extra credit if you can drag the Dougster out there also. Unless of course it is coming a gully washer like it looks like it might!