Monday, May 9, 2011

Got it in

I got in a 3 mile run on my lunch break today. It was HOT. I felt like an ant under a magnifying glass the entire way.

I ran in my vibrams again. I have actually run very little in real shoes lately. However, I have also run very little altogether lately. I got a blister in a weird spot.

It's not very big, so I had to point to it. It doesn't hurt that bad, just interesting where it ended up. I'm viewing it as a good thing though. You're really suppose to start running barefoot, well, barefoot. When your feet start to chafe, then you know you've hit your limit and that's how you pace your mileage. This little blister tells me that I'm at peak mileage for these shoes at this point. When it turns into a big ugly callus, then I'll be able to go further.

I have such pretty feet.


  1. Glad you're getting some running in. There's no lunchtime running for me - I'd be too nasty to stand all afternoon at the office after a workout.

    I'll resist the urge to give an opinion on minimalist footwear...

  2. I know, I know. Your not a fan. But other than the occastional blister, it has worked out well for me.

  3. Ouch! So the blister means you have hit your ideal pace?

  4. It just means that I don't need to do a 10 mile long run in these shoes yet.