Friday, June 17, 2011

Guess Who Got Pooped On... Again...

I really can't say how many times that my children have shit on me. Literally. When my daughter was only 2 months old, at our very first 4th of July celebration, she let out an explosive shit that broke down every barrier in her Loves diaper and ended up all over my white capri pants. This picture also displays a fair portion of the 60lbs that I gained in my first pregnancy.

But do you think that having shit all over my only pair of pants was going to keep me from enjoying some fun with smoke bombs and sparklers? Uh, no. I just kept on keep'n on, cuz that's way more fun.

You may have seen this look on all the news stands in '07. After I introduced it, it was all the rage. It's the "receiving burp skirt".

Today's shit storm didn't bring on any new fashion trends and I didn't get any pictures, but it was far more pungent. It looked like guacamole.

Hope you're going out for Mexican tonight!

Shit talley: 5


  1. Your children get that from their daddy. He is definitely full of shit.