Saturday, June 18, 2011

Does it count?

Does dragging your kids all over town all morning count as a workout? Because it sure felt like one. First we went to breakfast at a little place down the road. I thought that filling them up might make them a little calmer. Wrong. Next we went to Ulta so I cold finally get some more medium beige Bare Minerals foundation. I've been out for months now. I really hate dropping $25 on one little jar of shit, but it lasts me at least a year every time. My kids were totally embarrassing in the store. Ulta is the worst place ever for small children. Tiny, colorful things all over the place for them to grab. I finally paid and got the hell out of there with one kid on my hip screaming. We then headed over to Dicks so I could get a new fuel belt. I have a Nike one from my first marathon training but I lost a lot of weight after that marathon and now that belt is too big.

I ended up going with this
It can hold a variety of water bottles, so I don't have to freak out if I lose one. Then as I was perusing the aisles I found these and thought of Angie and Randee. They said that they can never find anything in red. I don't know if this counts since it has some sort of gray pattern over it.
After purchasing my fuel belt we went to Bass Pro in hopes of finding a fathers day present. I HATE shopping for my husband (because it's not shopping for myself). He almost always tells me exactly what he wants, which I don't like at all. I want to get him a fun surprise gift, not a here's what you asked for, I'm just a human gift card, kind of gift. The food saver he said he wanted was like $100! So I walked all around and all I could come up with was the this coozie.

I suck.