Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 Puckett miles

Happy Father's day folks! Last night my husband and I stashed the kids in a secure location and went out for drinks.

We went to Puckett's Farm Equipment just down the street from our house. It's an old farm equipment store turned bar. It's been around since 1933. But when did it turn into a bar, you ask? 1933! I don't know when the farm equipment business began. This is a little bit of their history according to their website.

Puckett’s Farm Equipment was once just that. A farm equipment dealer. Once Charlotte started impeding on the small community of Derita, many farmers found their livelihood and their land disappearing. As time went on, the farmers started visiting Puckett’s to share a beer and their sorrows. Eventually Ralph Puckett, the grandfather of current owner Gary Puckett, found that he was selling more beer than tractors. Thus, Puckett’s Farm Equipment the local bar was born. In the years following the family developed one of the best local bars Charlotte has ever known. Add in live music, a hometown friendly atmosphere and cheap beer and you have what Creative Loafing Charlotte readers voted as the Best Live Music Venue. Puckett’s owner Gary Puckett says, It’s what we’re about. Puckett’s began in the time when this music was born.”

There was a live band last night playing some good ole country music that you won't be hearing on CMT anytime soon. They do bluegrass music every second and third Wednesday of each month which I am really looking forward to. Here is a sampling of the band from last night. I think I found a new favorite bar. Not that I've been to enough bars lately to have many options.

After we left the bar and picked up the kids (I was DD) Brad had me go through McDonalds and that infuriated me. I HATE DD drive through after 2 am. It takes too much time and the french fries were going to ruin my new car smell! We didn't get back home until 3am.

Fast forward a mere 5 hours and I was out on the pavement for a 10 mile long run. It was incredibly slow, but I felt really great the whole time. The morning temps were the biggest factor to my comfort, but I also think that nuun helped. It didn't make me feel water logged like Gatorade sometimes does. I won't say that it was better than GU. Maybe about the same as GU. Some strong winds blew through the other day and there were limbs down all over the greenway. One tree split in half and was laying across the path so people had to climb through the branches to get across. I kind of liked it. It makes things different for at least a few days. I'm sure it will cleaned up and gone by next week.

A fun night out and then a SLOW but good run in the morning. I was shocked by my own enthusiasm today. I usually have to fight with myself to run after getting a full 8 hours on regular nights.

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