Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Up #2 Trail run FUN!

I decided to do this meet up at the last minute, but I'm so glad that I went. Every Monday night there is a Charlotte Runners meet up at Reedy Creek Park. You have an option to run 3 or 5 miles depending on which route you take... and then you can do it again! That means that you could run up to 10 miles.

I had to run a last minute errand for work and then I got a little lost so I was about 10 minutes late for the meet up. I thought about heading home, but decided to just park and check out the trail on my own, and maybe I would end up running into the group. I passed a couple of people that I thought might be part of the group but I didn't ask. I ran aimlessly for at least a half hour until I cam to a dead end. Just then, some shirtless dude went running by and he seemed to know where he was going so I fallowed him. He had to exit the trail system at some point, right? I stayed just a bit behind him but turned down every path that he did. At one point I saw him turn back to see who's footsteps he was hearing. We came out of the trail and I started walking and trying to figure out where I was. I think he got a drink from a water fountain so I caught up to him. I took that opportunity to apologize for being creepy and asked if he was part of the group. He told which way to go for the 3 mile route and then he continued on the 5 mile path. When I got back to my car the whole group was there. As it turns out I parked in the correct location. Half of the group went back out for round two while the rest of stayed and chatted.

The park and trail were pretty cool. Lots of people were out playing disc golf. A bad ass course too. As I ran the trail, I kept thinking, what the hell are these cement pads I keep running across? Well, that's where "t- off" at the disc golf "hole". I really don't know anything about disc golf. Then there were people playing cricket. I've never seen a live cricket game.

Anywho, I can't wait until next week. I now have 2 regular meet up groups!

I leave you now with a picture of me wearing makeup since I pretty much look like shit in everything that I post. I had to put on makeup because I did some actual work today that required me to be visible to other humans.


  1. You are looking hot as always!!!!!

  2. Way hotter than poo fashow!

  3. umm i hate to break it to you but you are one of those girls that has such natural beauty that you don't need makeup, i've never seen you look like shit (i secretly hate you for this! lol)

  4. Thank you Hannah. Although, I am quite certain that I startled more than one customer during those 5 am Starbucks shifts. Thank goodness their eyes were still partially glassed over.