Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Technical difficulty Tuesday

What is up with electronics today?!

Today I reconnected my vintage (that makes me trendy) blackberry because my antique Samsung stopped working. Actually it worked great right up until I would dial someone and then it would say "no signal"! You might think, "whoa, cool, now you have a smart phone", but I beg to differ.
**Side note: as I type this, a big red bar flashed across the top of the screen saying "error". Really?!**
Although I do enjoy all the perks that a smartphone has to offer, I DO NOT enjoy the bill that comes with it at the end of the month. So this was tech problem #1.

#2 and 3 weren't even happening directly to me. I guess there were some storms in Dallas last night (boo hoo) and some power was knocked out (whaaa). So my home office had no phones and no server all day today. I couldn't access any of my work email and I couldn't call anyone at the office.

It only makes sense that all of this would be going on today. Today was my very first customer appointment! I saved all of my customers contact info on my outlook calendar (outlook web access to be exact) and didn't write any of that information down on actual paper. Who needs paper, right? Ugh! Luckily C25Karen came to my rescue (again). She gets copies of all my inbound emails (something weird my boss set up a long time ago. She hates it, but I don't mind at all). She at least had access to all of my past emails and got the info for me. Thanks Karen!

Tech fail #4 was my camera. The appointment was going well. I went over the samples, took a good look at the original wood, and then measured and doodled a bit. Then I started to take pictures of the area and a mere two pictures in my camera broke! Now the customer has to email the pictures of their kitchen. So embarrassing... and when will I check that email?! The server is still down!

Other than those things, my day wasn't half bad. Hopefully I can get a good run in this evening. I have so much to think about. When it rains it pours. I went from trying really hard to find something to do for work, to being crazy busy in one day.

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  1. Busy is good! Perhaps you need a new phone with a good camera built in! I'm an iPhone addict & a self portrait addict!