Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where I've been Wednesday

A few months ago I took an involuntary blogging leave of absence. My husband and I thought there for a while that we wanted/needed to be back in Texas with family and familiar faces. I decided to go back first, get my self a job, and try to build up our savings. All at once it became apparent that my husband wouldn't be able to get a transfer back to Dallas and, really, home didn't feel quite like home anymore. I was so busy all the time and I felt as if I spent 80% of my day behind the wheel of my car. And building up our savings? Nope. After daycare and gas there just wasn't that much left. I won't say that the experience was a waste. It showed me that I should have making better use of time here in Charlotte rather than daydreaming about all the fun things that I could be doing back "home". I have come back to the Carolina's with a new desire to get out there and do all I can while I'm here now. I'm sure that some day I will return to the great nation of Texas, but I'm in no hurry.

Since I didn't blog hardly at all while I was in Texas, and since I don't have anything new and amazing to talk about today, I'll use this Wednesday to give a recap of those two months. These are all the pics of all the stuff that I did that went undeleted. They are in no particular order here.

I resided in a cabin, "the chateau", beside my dads house. One room with two beds, a bathroom, and a mini fridge. I consider myself a minimalist so I didn't mind the small space. I would have like a kitchen though.

Inside may have been cramped but my dad's place is full of wide open space.

Easter was celebrated

There were a shit ton of storms. It was recockulous!

Brad came down for a visit and picked some strawberries.

I didn't have internet in the chateau, so I would go outside, pull up all my favorite blog pages, and then lay in bed reading them. Of course that was only after sitting outside to catch up on Glee, The Parenthood, and The Office on Hulu. Look at all those tabs I have up!

My first weekend in Texas, before my husband went back to Charlotte, we went fishing. We were all so proud of miss Hollywood for not only touching a fish (gasp!) but removing the hook all on her own (doube gasp!). Accent: Check! Small town roots: Check! Handled live fish: Check! Congrats Angie, you are almost a full fledged redneck!

I made sure to visit the grand folk.

They live on, the always beautiful, lake Texoma. Giant Styrofoam on the "beach", trailers in the backdrop... this place holds fond memories for me.

I did a tiny bit of running in the awful Texas heat.

C25Karen and I took our monkeys to the zoo. Anytime you tell some "I'm thinking about going to the zoo", they'll say "Oh, don't go the Dallas zoo. It sucks. Go to the Fort Worth zoo". Well, we decided to give the poor little Dallas zoo a shot and we thought it was fantastic.
That was a fun trip down memory lane. I need to wake up my husband now so he can watch the kids and I can get in 4 miles.


  1. You've been busy. Thanks for always taking the time to comment on my blog, even when you don't have time to blog yourself.
    Hope you enjoyed your run!

  2. I love your blog Jill! I've been all over the RAGNAR website ever since your 3 part recap. I need to officially put it on my list!

  3. Sounds like a really cool trip! Glad you had fun.