Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Yesterday was my mom's 50th birthday. The day before was her 50th birthday party and a total blast from my past. I got to see so many people that I probably haven't talked to in 10 years or more. I loved it! My mom, however, made me feel like a total pansy. At 1:30 am I was asking if she was ready to go. I wasn't pushy about it, after all is her birthday. She only lives about 4 blocks from the bar we were at (I was the DD) and got home around 1:45. At 2 her friend Pat knocked on the door. They've known each other since they were 6. I, the responsible adult that I am, was trying to get some shut eye so that I wake up in the morning refreshed. That didn't happen. These two hens, laughed, drank and cackled until 5:30 am!

Happy Birthday Mom. I'm glad I got to spend it with you!

Pat, about to laugh mom right out of her scooter.
Mom and her big brother

Shanon, me, and Heather. Can you believe these three hotties have kids?

Me and my mamma

I love you mamma!


  1. Glad your mom had a great birthday! Sounds like she was quite the party animal!

  2. Love this! So glad you were there for me! I love you!

  3. Very cool! I got to hang out with my folks this weekend as well. And totally jealous you got to visit with Heather! I've read her for years.