Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's hot as hell here

I left 70 degree Charlotte this morning and then touched down onto the surface of the sun, also know as Texas (that is almost a direct copy and paste from my facebook status. Sorry friends for the redundancy). It's my mom's 50th birthday so I'm just in for the weekend. I already know that I won't be running at all, and I just ate my weight in food at La Mesa. Anytime I'm in town, I have to get my La Mesa fix.

So, it's my mom's birthday and as you know I was recently quit canned. I've been left with all these really cool pens and nobody to give them to.

The problem is that they have my old companies logo and info all over them. So how smart and I? Smart enough to go get some fancy stickers from Hobby Lobby to cover the info and make these pens into party treats for my mom's 50th! Damn, I am soooo smart and crafty.

I still have half that giant box full of cool pens. I'll think of something to do with those. They really are cool, just look at all those features!

Compact collapsible design, rubber grip for added stability and a handy hook for rock climbing.


  1. wow i want one! ... i mean, great idea! =)

  2. I'll bring one back for you Hannah. It will like Christmas.

  3. are you not working for Starpower anymore?

  4. Make sure that you hand it to the guest, then take it away and show them how to use it. It's the only way that they will for sure know how to use it and what an amazing piece of equipment you are giving. You might also show the men how to clip on their belt loop for the advanced GEL pen user.

  5. Of course Klink. How else would you showcase such a fine literary accessory?