Friday, July 15, 2011

P-Stone then rest

Last night was the Rolling P-Stone group run and I was awful! I did better 3 weeks ago when I the temps were higher. I think I started too fast and may not have had enough fuel in my body.

Once again I was had by some friendly chick who was new to the group run. They always say the same thing... "Is this your first time?", "Is everyone really fast", and then the "Oh, I am sooo slow" to which I say "Me too!" and then they say "I'll probably just run with you". That's nice. Little do they know that when I say I'm slow, it's not just me trying to make friends or be funny. I am for real slow, bitches! Sure enough, when I stopped for my first Gallowalk (as in Jeff Gallloway, inventor of the run/walk method), she kept on with her 9 min pace. Please. 11 minute miler here! I'm tired of bitches lying to me, saying they're slow. I wonder what kind of responses I would get if I put an ad on craigslist for a slow bitch to do fartleks with. Ability to do negative splits a plus.

Today was a rest day and my husband was off, and yesterday I was quit canned so we went for lunch at what I think is our favorite place. He has a blog about food and stuff. Eating food, cooking food, and all that stuff. He did a post about the place we ate and it is way too easy for me to just send you there rather than typing the whole thing out and importing the pictures myself. So go check out his blog.


  1. Great Post!
    That is why I have added you to my "Sites I follow" list on my blog. I think I may go through that list and screen out any runners who are significantly faster than me. I mean, I happily read into a post about how someone struggles through a marathon, maybe their left foot fell off at mile 16 or they were accosted by hungry squirrels, only to learn that even with walking the last three miles they beat my PR. Boo Hoo Bionic BS-er. I think calling out the beyotches (male and female) is our duty!

  2. EVeryone on my blog roll is faster than me! But fast is relative.. :)